Farewell Letter from Lorraine Heppner

May 1, 2019

Dear Fellow Traveler,

It is with bittersweet regret, and a deep sense of gratitude that I announce the culmination of four decades of serving and being served by loyal customers, vendors, and respected colleagues. Who knew that we would come this far or last this long? I often doubted it.

Following the sudden death of Barry Heppner in 1991 I hung up my dressmaker’s shears and stumbled into the lumber industry. My “greenness” stretched from reading financial reports to not understanding the pricing of green lumber. But it didn’t matter because those of you who had previously been social connections at NHLA conventions taught me—you know who you are. Thank you.

Customers who were but a name on the AR report evolved into business partners. Together we collaborated, and helped each other stay in business. You helped grow our “experiment” into a thriving operation. Knowing that Heppner had a similar impact on hundreds of others is both humbling and deeply satisfying. I invite you to share your memories of Heppner Hardwoods and the connections that we and the team have formed over the years.

Why leave a business that bears my name and that of my sons? It is time, a time for me to write my last life’s chapter, and for my son, Brent, to pursue a new career.  In August 2019 he will join Saroyan Hardwoods senior management team.

After May 10, 2019 we will no longer be accepting new orders. All orders that come in between now and May 30th, as well as those currently in-house, will be fulfilled and delivered (most likely by Sergio) prior to August 1, 2019.

Prior to the closing of Heppner Hardwoods and should you be interested interested in obtaining discounted product, equipment, CRM/Infrastructure etc., please reach out to Brent or me.

In closing I’ve attached a link to a video we made about our company ― an end of an era.

Thank you,

Lorraine Heppner



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