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Never has the compaction from an old Jack Benny joke “everything from “A to Z in the USA” been more relevant. The large A emblazoned on a slope of the San Gabriel Mountains, visible from Heppner Hardwoods five acre facility, represents the city of  A Z U S A i.e. Azusa, U.S.A.. And now, President Obama has highlighted the A and put Azusa on the map by designating the San Gabriel Mountains a National Monument. This is the 12th such designation of the President’s administration. His intent is to protect the home to the rare and endangered species, including Nelson’s bighorn sheep, spotted owl, mountain yellow-legged frogs, Santa Ana suckers and unspecified flora. Heppner Hardwoods has just expanded our offering of international flora; “everything from A to Z ” by entering into a distribution agreement with the Bozovich Timber Group, a  producer of South American lumber and a worldwide importer of tropical and exotic lumber.

Heppner Hardwoods and the Bozovich Group have been forerunners for sustainable forestry and by reason of our expanded offerings of FSC(R) Certified lumber, we are protecting and precluding the endangerment of forests both  nationally and internationally and their respective species of hardwoods bearing names starting with the letters from A through Z.

Tropical and Exotic Lumber Distributor

Bozovich  an award-winning leader in sustainable forestry practices,  has successfully received certification for the first Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) reduced emissions from deforestation and degradation or REDD.  That project will ultimately encompass 74,000 ha of primary forest. Part of the concession will be set aside and protected. WOOD PURCHASING NEWS  By Jeff Waldon, Chief Technical Officer,Forest Carbon Offsets LLC, Alexandria, Va.

Now, in conjunction with our usual stocking of familiar domestic hardwood and softwood species along with some European hardwoods, we will offer many more of the popular exotic hardwoods and decking species with names starting with the letter A; African Mahogany through to the letter Z; Zebra Wood.

Call your Heppner Hardwoods representative to schedule a visit in Azusa and take a world wide tour of species from Africa, Peru, Honduras, Brazil, Europe, Canada, USA, and Asia.

Jatoba, Santos Mahogany, Ipe, Purple Heart

Some of the species are: Jatoba, Purple Heart, Rosewood, Tornillo, Santos Mahogany, Ipe

~ Lorraine Heppner