Reclaimed White Oak

Reclaimed lumber is an excellent inspiration for translating your style into a design project. All of the design elements of antiquity can be custom manufactured into plank flooring, paneling, beams, decking, ceilings trims, wainscoting, entry doors and architectural accouterments for homes of distinction.

The designers in the hospitality and merchandise community have long recognized that the means to balance the aesthetic of a commercial property is by juxtaposing the welcoming warmth of reclaimed wood, proving that the nouveau and antiquity can cohabitate. The progressive green movement, in part, is addressed through the utilization of reclaimed wood. By diverting construction waste from the land fills, preserving old growth tress and recycling used building materials, your old “new-to-you” flooring will be guilt free. Additionally, in the interest of consuming less, we can employ our superior engineering processes, thereby “stretching” the old boards.

With the charm of antique timbers comes superior stability along with the unmistakable tight grain of old growth trees cut over a hundred years ago. This wood is often prized by residential and commercial builders who want the old world look for the interior of a building. In addition, homeowners with old homes are undertaking remodeling projects to restore their homes to the original vintage. In these cases, reclaimed lumber might be used for flooring, paneling or other interior accents. The sourcing comes from scavenger hunts for old barns, buildings or boats and ironically, old sawmills are intriguing sources.

We can manufacture hardwood products from reclaimed woods in the form of beams, joists, flooring and siding into a product that can be incorporated into your design. Further, not only will the design elements be met, but your woodworker will appreciate the meticulous and precision milling for ease of installation. Just because it is old, it doesn’t need to be shoddy. Our reclaimed beams are carefully extracted from antique structures throughout the world. From hand-hewn beams and timbers, to reclaimed sawn timbers, we can custom manufacture exactly what you are dreaming.

Perhaps, the next time you are on vacation and you unearth an architectural treasure think of Heppner Hardwoods as your manufacturing partner. With your eye for the unique and our manufacturing expertise we can help turn beautiful old planks in a trestle table or add hewn beams to a otherwise boring white ceiling.

Antique wide plank flooring can add dignity, whimsy and distinction, in other words, the character of yesteryear can bring personality to many architectural designs. The character is accompanied by a warm, rich glow that no other product on the market can match, or correctly imitate. Nail holes, insect scars and tracking, mortising weathering are just some of the things that make up the uniqueness. All of our antique wide plank floors are dried to 6-9% moisture content and fumigated to ensure you will enjoy your floors for a very long time. There are no shortcuts, we spend many hours manufacturing and engineering what mother nature has spent centuries preparing.