Santos Mahogany

Santos Mahogany Myroxylon Balsamum: Will reach 100′ tall, with a diameter of 4′. Heppner Hardwoods, Inc. is a direct importer of the sub specie Estoraque from a single source rainforest of Peru, which has been certified by Non Governmental Organization (NGO) and complies with the Lacey Act. The lumber planks are available up to 12” wide and 16’ long.

Distribution: Central and South America

General Characteristics: Despite its name, Santos Mahogany is not really related to true Mahogany even though it has a Mahogany-like appearance. Santos Mahogany  is  much denser, harder and stronger than true Mahogany. As a side note the trees are used in the production of the substance called Balsam of Peru, used as a fragrance in perfumes. Some common uses of the wood include: flooring, furniture, interior trim, and heavy construction.

Hardness/Janka: 2200 –  71% percent harder than Red Oak

Grain: The grain is usually interlocked, usually with a stripped figuring. The texture is medium to fine with open, medium-sized pores. Quartersawn shows as a striped or ribbon pattern.

Variations Within Species and Grades: There is a fair degree of color variation between the sapwood and the heartwood.The sapwood of the Santos is light brown while the heartwood is dark reddish-brown and varies to dark purple-brown. This variation  from board to board, ranging from a lighter golden brown to a darker purplish red/burgundy is a delightful hue and is a beautiful backdrop for any room. With time, the color becomes darker and somewhat purplish brown.

Myroxylon Balsamum: Finishes to a beautiful natural color. An oily residue produced by the wood can make it difficult to apply a finish. However, if a pure solvent is applied, the residue can be removed, and a sealer or finish can be easily applied. Santos Mahogany does have a potential to cause an allergic reaction or respiratory problems in some individuals, so caution is advised when working with this lumber. The same oil, or resin, that causes so many other problems in working this type of timber also provides the wood with good resistance to decay. Available in solid and engineered.

Distinctions: A clear contemporary finish shows off the natural beauty of the floor.