Solid Flooring

Twelve years ago after 9-11, the type of architectural millwork for which Heppner Hardwoods, Inc (HHI) was famous for declined due to the hospitality industry pull back. It was a time in flux and many architectural firms shuttered. Heppner Hardwoods chose to survive and pivoted to manufacturing hardwood flooring. We turned our attention from the fabrication of  high end architectural millwork to custom hardwood flooring. It was at that time that we reconfigured our 5 acre facility to a flooring factory.

We used our 35+ years of milling experience, and the collective intelligence of our customer and flooring specialist, to become the premier manufacturer of custom, one-off, hardwood flooring. It is an art to manage both the needs for production (cost containment) and custom (every floor is unique).

HHI operates high tech, late model milling equipment and yet still hand selects each and every  board to balance the need of your customer for “the look” while  meeting the requirement of the professional flooring installers. The installer, in order to minimize his knee time on the floor, wants each board  to be consistent with precision milled tongue & groove pattern,  from start to finish and from edge to end, of each flooring plank.

Solid hardwood flooring is fabricated from our standing lumber inventory, stocked on site in Azusa, CA. With 3M board feet of lumber and HHI’s milling capability, flooring can be crafted to any dimension from 15/16” to 5/16” thick and from narrow 2” to 12-3/4” wide planks, which can be milled  from any specie that starts with the letter  A and ends with  Z.  Grade choices are; Rustic/Character, Lite Character or Combo, popular  for wide and distressed planks lending to the antique foot worn look. Select or Premium/Select  flooring boards provide a versatile backdrop for contemporary living. Lengths are generally from 3′ to 12′ long, but if the projects’ scale demands even longer lengths, 16′ dimesnions are available. Long lengths and wide flooring planks are synonymous with custom, quality and Heppner Hardwoods.

A well fabricated, solid hardwood floor will provide a perfect blank canvas in which to imprint your client’s design and personality.  Also, the clients lifestyle (dogs and high heels) should be incorporated into the design. However, with  custom milled flooring with the tongue and groove positioned off center, the wear and tear of  life can be sanded off and refinished numerous times.

Finishing and Distinction Choices:  Wire Brushing ~ Hand Scraping ~  Fuming ~ European Wax and Oil ~ Custom Color ~ French Bleed ~ Flat Sanded with Pillowed Edge ~ Flat Sanded Cajun Corners and Worm Holes ~ Pegging ~ Tumbling ~ Bleaching ~ Scorching ~ Skip Planed Face ~ Circle Sawn Face ~ Re sawn Face ~

Heppner Hardwoods, Inc. is a business to business manufacturer of “one off” custom hardwood floors and mouldings. Please contact our flooring professionals and request a solid hardwood floor hand selected, and custom milled by Heppner Hardwoods.